Basic SEO Cheat Sheet To Protect Your Work

seo expertsSearch engines change their criteria for optimization often. This is called an algorithm shift, and you could get yourself stuck in one of their cycles. If you’re not compliant with the shift that is pushed forward by major search engines, your site could be left out of rankings, and interest could be reduced heavily. To avoid getting lost in the competitive shuffle, you should make sure that you’re working with proper SEO standards. But how do you make sure that you’re protected when so many changes come through at different times? Well, there’s a few standards that haven’t been changed, while others have. The following is a simple cheat sheet that could very well change how you market your sites with SEO and beyond.

High Quality Content Matters

The first major thing that you have to work with when posting anything to your site is quality. You should ask yourself a range of questions about the materials that you’re publishing. Most importantly, is the information cited, accurate, and well written. Not only that, does it ramble, does it have any sort of quotes, links, and is it factual in nature. High quality content is something that is always important to have on a website, and you cannot get away from it. When Google’s Panda hit, those that had mediocre content, got hit hard with ranking shifts.

Duplicate and Thin Content

When looking at quality options, you’ll find that thin content and duplicate content got a lot of marketers in trouble. These are options that are focused on either very little information, or plagiarized solutions. If you previously engaged in any of this type of work, you saw your rankings drop incredibly. People that made a living with thin and duplicate content have yet to recover, as quality is ranked far higher than ever before.

Linking Strategies

When Google unleashed their Penguin update, they took aim at those that used link strategies that were not “natural” in nature. Meaning, if you purchased any links from outside sources, you most likely got targeted for deletion. When working with backlinks, you have to make sure that you are getting options from organic, relevant, authority pages. Without that, you will get penalized. This became especially evident for those that bought 1,000 or more links and got them put up fast.

Quality Over Everything Else

Google again pushed out a new release and this time, people found that the updates were completely overhauled from previous endeavors. Today, if you’re going to rank high within any search engine, you have to think of the end user in mind. You have to answer their needs, focus on keywords and phrases that they would search for naturally, and not flood your page with content that is focused on just “one” keyword any longer. It’s a complexity that has forced marketers back to the proverbial well to reach for new ideas. Quality is the main thing here, and that’s over everything else.

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