A Look At Ideal Lengths For The Online World

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Publishing just about anything on the internet is going to be difficult. You may not think it is, as you may have never thought about the ideal length of things. For instance, how long should an email be? What about the ideal Tweet? What about other social media channels? How do you stand out when everyone is using technology? Is there a way to gauge what is going to work best and what doesn’t? You could go with trial and error, but that’s not going to work out well in the long term. Instead of going that route, you could very well look into the following tips and tricks to ensure that you’re using ideal lengths when communicating online.

The Ideal Tweet

If you’re using Twitter, then you already know that you’re limited by characters. Some use that as a way to go minimal. Going under 140 characters is ideal, but what is most effective is even less. In most instances, Tweets that go with just 100 characters get read more, shared more, and liked more often. That is a huge different than running into the max characters every time. Social media has unwritten rules of engagement, and while this is not a hard and fast rule, it could very well be the difference between getting seen and being ignored.

What About Facebook?

You’d be surprised by just how popular shorter posts are for Facebook. While Twitter enforces their character lengths, Facebook doesn’t always do that, leaving many to wonder how much to write in a post. Well, wonder no more, because people engage with content on this social media platform in less characters than even Twitter. Researchers looking at what types of posts get the most engagement found that 40 characters could very well be the best bet moving forward. If you work with just this limit, you’ll see a huge push forward.

Google Plus Headlines

Did you know that Google Plus is one of the most powerful SEO social media pages to use. It may not always seem to be useful, but Google likes to favor their products for optimization, so you may want to rethink your marketing strategy if it is not including this network. With that in mind, consider that the best headline for this network is 60 characters. That’s right, 60 character headlines are ideal for Google Plus today.

SEO Headlines In General

The best headlines to work with for SEO could very well be limited to just 6 words. That’s according to professionals that have studied engagement, and social media interaction. Whether you’re updating a blog or newsletter, 6 words will be the best to work with, and will help you get more clicks and shares in the long term.

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