Essential Ways To Use Hashtags In Social Media For Marketing

One of the premier elements of social networking today is that of hashtags. These are tags that are represented with the “#” symbol. These define, segment, and separate content that you update. You’ll find that it is one way to communicate with a larger group, segment your posts, and get attention to specific updates that you’re posting. When you jump on board with this, you’ll be joining others in the conversation of specific language, harnessing the power of social networking’s audiences the right way. With that in mind, consider the following ways that you can use these tags to your advantage within any social site you choose to work with.

With Or Without Tags

Here’s the thing you are going to notice posts that people put up without any links or tags. Many of these links don’t get a lot of attention unless they are pushed out by celebrities with an insular fan base. For the small business, however, messages without a hashtag are usually ignored. In order to drive engagement, you’ll need to tag items with specific keywords. Something as simple as “#SEO” can bring about a great deal of attention to what you’re linking, or commenting on, for example.

Test Hashtags To See What Works

When marketing anything, you should have a list of keywords that you will turn into hashtags. Tweet out a full day’s worth of messages with the set of keywords that you want to isolate. After your campaign look to see what stuck. If you found that certain options got you more attention, then isolate those for future campaigns, and continue. Sometimes, A/B testing is needed to figure out whether the keywords you’ve chosen are in fact the best for your overall needs.

Jump Onto Campaigns

There are trends that come through social media all the time. When you see certain trends happen, you can test your own hashtags amidst them and see if you can harness some of the attention that is being garnered. For instance, during UFC fights, hashtags #UFC plus a number like #UFC200 will trend. You can jump on board with posting items that relate to “fighting” and “marketing, thereby jumping on the train of interest in that trend. Something like, “Fight for traffic with SEO #UFC200” and your post will jump into the trending world with others. Of course, this has marginal success, but it’s something that many businesses do on a regular basis.
The best way to get more out of using these tags is to just put them into posts. Always tag something, and try to harness the power of social media interactions with relevant keywords. It’s not an open and shut case, you’ll need to experiment a little to see what works for you.


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